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Oregon Solar Highway

PGE and ODOT Commemorate the Solar Highway Milestone

October 26 2011 – Aurora Oregon; Representatives from Portland General Electric, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Five Stars International and Contractors working on the Solar Highway 1.745 Megawatt project joined Advanced Energy Systems and Sunstall Inc. at the construction site today to mark the milestone surrounding the beginning of the Solar World module installation. With the final post driven in the six acre site, and over 50% of the Haticon Racking assembled it was time to start mounting the 250 watt solar panels. Assisting in unpacking the first module was the project brainchild, Allison Hamilton of ODOT. Other notables from ODOT were Lynn Aveberck, and Lynn Frank of Five Stars International. PGE representatives included Mark Osborne, Dawn Wilde, and Robert Ferraro.

When completed, the project will provide enough electricity to offset the use of both the North and Southbound rest areas at the project location, approximately 15 miles South of Portland Oregon on Interstate 5. As the primary Solar Contractor on the project, Advanced Energy Systems teamed up with SunStall Corporation for the racking installation, and Christensen Electric of Portland for the primary electrical installation. Read more

#17 2014 Top Solar Contractor list

Solar Power World, the industry’s leading publication, has released the 2014 Top Solar Contractors list. Featuring 400 of the industry’s most successful solar installation and development companies, the annual list shines a light on businesses that are bringing gigawatts of clean energy to grids across the U.S. and Canada.

Sunstall feels honored to be part of this energy revolution and to contribute to a more sustainable future. Even though that we are just at the beginning of a U-turn in the way we are powering our economies. Things are in flux and companies like Tesla and others are changing the industry. Storage technology will become the norm rather than being a specialty – Thank you and we will work hard to support our children’s future!!

Array Technologies Kicks-off Certified Installer Program

Sunstall, Inc. has officially become the first successful trainee of Array Technologies’ Certified Installer Network. Based in Novato, California, Sunstall brings industry leading installation services and project management expertise to their partnership with Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI). For projects within Sunstall’s Certified Installer scope they will also provide Operations and Maintenance services.

Array Technologies offers turnkey services for commercial and utility-scale solar projects utilizing DuraTrack™ HZ and DuraRack™ products through its Certified Installer Network. All Certified Installers will have successfully passed a training course on installation, commissioning and O&M best practices of the aforementioned products.

“We are now pleased to offer our customers superior tracking and racking systems alongside Sunstall’s outstanding installation services,” explained ATI Founder & CEO, Ron Corio. “This partnership will allow our customers to receive expert turnkey services at the lowest installed cost.”

“Together with our partner ATI we’re happy to provide the highest level of customer service for their industry leading products. Our partnership will ensure optimal performance and high yield over the entire lifecycle of ourcustomers’ solar plant investments.” said Heiko W. Schramm, VP at Sunstall Inc.

For more information on Array Technologies’ Certified Installer Network please visitarraytechinc.com/commercial/certified-installer-network/.

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Client Testimonial 03

Dec, 17th 2013


I’m sorry I had to take off today before circling back with you.

 We’ve been impressed with SunStall’s efforts on behalf of the …….. Solar Park project despite the challenges.  While some weather issues might/should be expected this time of year in WI, I honestly think that this Nov/Dec was extreme in terms of the wet/mud early only to be followed by the frigged temps – I think today was the nicest day we’ve seen in a month.


In no small part due to SunStall, it looks like we will meet out 12/31 deadline.  The next project we do, I’ll owe you a steak dinner.

a MidWest Client

Intersolar NA 2012 – Solar Powered BBQ

Thank you for joining us for some barbeque, drinks and exciting solar conversations.

A Special Thanks goes to the Green Point Nursery and their owners

for their hospitality at their site! See you all next year!

The Sunstall Team

Integrated Geotechnical Services

German engineering influences the solar market with its integrated geotechnical services. Using a pile driving team and soil experts, Sunstall Inc. and AquaSoli LLC are helping lower the costs of solar plants nationwide. With the on-site test loadings, these experts can obtain the foundation strength as well as soil parameters and use the data to create secure and feasible foundation designs for solar plants.


Press Release Sunstall 0112 | Cantsink Manufacturing and Sunstall Join Forces



Lilburn, GA – Novato, CA                                                                             April 26, 2012

After making initial contact shortly before the start of Intersolar 2011 in San Francisco, California.  Cantsink President, Patrick Hutchinson and Sunstall President, Helge Biernath, began talks to consider creating a strategic alliance on ground-mounted photovoltaic projects.  During these conversations, it became increasingly evident that the two companies could very easily work in tandem to greatly increase the productivity and marketability of each firm, resulting in a cost-effective offering to the customers.

Cantsink Manufacturing, a manufacturer of steel helical piles from Lilburn, Georgia, has had increasing success on the Eastern Seaboard of the US, but had very little exposure and capability to have its product installed in the Western United States.  The use of helical piles for PV installations, offers a quick, effective and environmentally friendly means of supporting ground mounted solar structures.  Helical piles provide an effective alternative to driven steel piles and concrete foundations.

Sunstall Inc, a California corporation, offers extensive knowledge in installing ground mount utility solar projects. Experienced in the execution, management, and coordination of construction, Sunstall is able to offer a key piece of capability, nationwide, expanding the service offering of Cantsink Manufacturing.  Sunstall is able to coordinate and manage project installations from coast to coast, effectively.  Using Cantsink’s products and Sunstall’s installation capability, the two companies can now offer services that will guarantee a superbly engineered project that will be installed quickly, competently and will stand the tests of time.  For more information you can visit cantsink.com and sunstall.com.

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Client Testimonial 02 – Advanced Energy Systems

April 5, 2012

To whom it may concern;

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to, and share my positive thoughts regarding our interactions with Sunstall Inc.

We were awarded a contract to construct the Baldock Solar Highway PV project located at the Baldock Rest Area just south of Portland, Oregon. Three years in planning, this 1.75 megawatt project is the largest Solar project on a public highway right of way in the nation.

In July 2011 were finally given a notice to proceed. The timeline called for milestones that would push us to make the project deadline. A supplier gave us the name of Sunstall as a possible sub‐contractor that could manage the pile‐driving and racking assembly.

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Toyota Production System (TPS) & $1/Watt PV System Challenge

$1/Watt PV System – BoS /Installation Challenges for Ground Mounted Systems

The $1/watt White Paper from the U.S. Department of Energy was a great start to kickoff discussions and movements towards the goal of making solar power competitive without any incentives. To achieve this goal, the cost of an installed PV system would break down into the following components:

•    $.50/watt for Modules

•    $.40/watt for BoS/Installation

•    $.10/watt for Power Electronics

Module Prices and Power Electronics are Getting There

With new production capacities going online almost every week and new players consistently entering the global market, it seems that the question is not if, but when the module prices will hit the $.50/watt. Innovation, scale of production and fierce competition will lead the way to the defined goal, not only for the modules, but also for power electronics.


Currently, physical system costs, including labor, are accounting for about 75% of BoS costs for a ground-mounted installation. These costs are divided between structural components and the electrical system.

How can these costs be driven down to the $.40/watt goal? A 2010 Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) workshop suggested the following steps:

•    Reduce forces at work – such as reduction of the wind load

•    Optimize structural form and materials

•    Design for low-cost installation

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