Intern News 5 – Advise for Interns in CA

5 things you should prep when coming to the bay area?

– bring a good mood 

– do not forget a wind jacket in San Francisco, weather changes sometimes really fast in SF

– prepare your visa without it will be hard to enjoy all the good things here

– get mentally prepared for the Californian lifestyle

– do not plan everything, sometimes just go with the flow

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Client Testimonial 02 – Advanced Energy Systems

April 5, 2012

To whom it may concern;

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to, and share my positive thoughts regarding our interactions with Sunstall Inc.

We were awarded a contract to construct the Baldock Solar Highway PV project located at the Baldock Rest Area just south of Portland, Oregon. Three years in planning, this 1.75 megawatt project is the largest Solar project on a public highway right of way in the nation.

In July 2011 were finally given a notice to proceed. The timeline called for milestones that would push us to make the project deadline. A supplier gave us the name of Sunstall as a possible sub‐contractor that could manage the pile‐driving and racking assembly.

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