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Torquing – The Solar Installation Mystery!

Loosely speaking, torque is a measure of the turning force on an object such as a bolt – and as Dan Shugar, CEO of Nextracker stated : “Torquing is by nature inexact because of the many factors that can affect friction – from surface texture to debris, rust and humidity”*. In this article I will […]

Winning Solar Installation Team

Never Underestimate the Value of a Winning Team! – In the world of Commercial and Industrial solar installations, putting the right team together can lead to savings of thousands of dollars in short term costs and even more in total ownership costs. When EPCs and General Contractors get the right subcontractors:   The project goes […]

Solar Internship 2017 – My Experiences

First of all, I’m very happy to had this possibility to work for Sunstall Inc., I do not regret my decision. I started my internship in April 2016, as it was my first trip ever to the United States, and my first work experience abroad. I was very excited to work in an American business […]


pv-magazine interview : “Laying the groundwork”

Ground-mounted installation Pile driving quality goes to the very foundations of a PV array, quite literally. Helge Biernath, CEO of Sunstall, speaks to pv magazine about the importance of getting the foundations and footings of a PV array right. In this, being mindful of the weather, Biernath notes, is a vital factor.      


Large PV Installs – Productivity is the kicker

    Nothing new about the fact that productivity is key… …, but why is everybody just talking about how fast a system can be installed and seemingly only looking at the manufacturer’s marketing flyer? Productivity/installation speed, and therefore the price of a large PV install, is impacted by multiple factors including:    

Solar Internship

Internship with Sunstall – Go For It! In May – when I started my internship in California, I was excited to experience a new business environment and culture.

Large-scale solar installation trends

Helge Biernath, president and CEO of solar installer Sunstall, joined Solar Power World at Solar Speaks Live 2016 to discuss the changing market of large-scale, ground-mount solar and how the company adapts to new installation techniques.  More at solarpowerworldonline