Daniel goes West – how Interns bring the world together!

I started my internship at Sunstall in October 2017, now that my first weeks are over I can tell that it was definitely the right choice to do an internship in the US.

Besides my studies I worked for many years as a student assistant in a German company, that’s why I am very happy that Sunstall gave me the opportunity to experience  the working environment and methods of this country.

Day to day business

During the internship I will be involved in the day to day business. My main task is to screen drawings and other project information and to write proposals. I’m really excited about the chance to interact with real clients and to be part of real projects.

Studying International Management & Industrial Engineering is the the reason why I applied for a Sales & Marketing internship. It allows me to combine everything I have learned in my studies. I am very interested in the process of a developing projects and how to connect the technical part with the business portion.

In sales you are involved in the progress of a steadily developing project from the inquiry of a client to the finished product on site.


Focus Marketing

Since I am from Germany I rapidly realized, that companies in the US are much more focused on sales, so there is no better country to gain experience in this field.

The internship should hopefully get me prepared for what I have to deal with later in my professional life.

But my duties include more than writing proposals or taking phone calls.

Next to the day to day business I’m also working on some long term projects like creating a calculation for different solar racking systems and a training platform.

I am very glad that Sunstall allows me to take part of all kinds of meetings and conferences. I really feel like I’m part of the company and not “just” an intern.

San Fran

Besides that, I am excited and curious about the possibility to live in a city like San Francisco.

Everything is bigger, the mindset of the people is so much different and the flair of this city is unique. It is really an incredible experience. The city and the whole Bay Area has so much to offer.

Even though I’m here for only a few weeks now, I already can say that I made some good friends and met a lot of interesting people.

To live and work over 6.500 Miles away from home isn’t easy but it is a one of a kind experience. I will always be grateful for all this and the time I will spend here will definitely be advantageous in my future and not only in regard of my professional life.

Daniel Kunze


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