Winning Solar Installation Team

Never Underestimate the Value of a Winning Team! – In the world of Commercial and Industrial solar installations, putting the right team together can lead to savings of thousands of dollars in short term costs and even more in total ownership costs. When EPCs and General Contractors get the right subcontractors:


  • The project goes smoothly,
  • It stays on schedule,
  • Change orders are minimized,
  • Most importantly, you get a high quality installation that will withstand the test of time.

Subcontractors on C & I solar installations can include the racking manufacturer, electrical, mechanical, and civil contractors, surveyors, etc.  Additionally the leadership of the project to include the PMs,  CMs, and site supervisors can be every bit as important.  A collaborative leadership team and a group of contractors that are well experienced with solar installations will be much more effective and efficient in their efforts.  

not know they are a team, individual efforts will be counterproductive for the whole team.  Spend some time cultivating those relationships.  A good team that knows each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and critical path elements, will plan accordingly and coordinate to eliminate or mitigate choke points.  Their work will be of high quality requiring little re-work and less O&M over the life of the solar plant. TIME EQUALS MONEY SAVED!


Give serious consideration to re-hiring the same team as you move from project to project.  Even if that team may cost you a bit more up front.  The savings realized during the installation and over the life of the solar plant will more than justify initial cost increases.

by Kelly Hatfield , Chief Operations Manager

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