Solar Internship 2017 – My Experiences

First of all, I’m very happy to had this possibility to work for Sunstall Inc., I do not regret my decision.

I started my internship in April 2016, as it was my first trip ever to the United States, and my first work experience abroad. I was very excited to work in an American business environment and to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the states – San Francisco – the golden city. 


The internship at Sunstall was very interesting for me, especially to see the differences between the Swiss and American work culture. I was able to adapt myself and used my work experiences to work on several projects for the Management. My main project was to implement the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Managemen
t System.

As you can see, you will not only work as an intern or trainee who is just scanning documents or doing general administrative jobs, it’s the opposite way, you get real tasks which you are responsible for. You have to deal with the management and employees to reach your goal to fulfill your task. It is a challenge, yes, but you will gain a lot of experiences which you will be able to use at any company or industry in the future. The solar industry is a very fast-paced industry, but you learn to deal with that too. Sunstall offered me a lot of interesting projects, which were challenging, not only in terms of management or business processes, as well for the operation processes on job sites.

Living situation

When it comes to my private living situation, I commuted everyday from San Francisco to Novato, so it took me everyday 3 hours travel back and forth. I used to live in a hostel (Vantaggio Suites, Abigail) which was very central and I gained a lot new friends from all over the world. I have learned to deal with my low living budget and to live in a shared room, but it worth it.

The bay area offers a lot of possibilities, when it comes to adventures, festivals, different cuisines, hiking, musical events, museums and much more, there is always something to do, even for free.
I would recommend to use this opportunity to become an intern for Sunstall Inc. to anyone who is looking to expand their horizon, to make new experiences and meet a lot of new people in an amazing region.

written by Volkan Yildirim


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