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Internship with Sunstall – Go For It!

In May – when I started my internship in California, I was excited to experience a new business environment and culture.

Looking back, the internship have been very instructive for me. SUNSTALL offered me opportunitdilan-2ies to learn and develop myself in many areas.

I noticed that after I got more tasks assigned, got in touch with clients, visited job-sites, not only my language skills
improved, but also my interaction with others.

Although it is not always easy to deal with all those new impressions at your company, living with different kind of roommates, financial difficulties, and the daily commute, here is why you should definitely consider doing an internship abroad:

  • Working in a new business environment
  • Overcome cultural and linguistic barriers
  • Say “Bye” to your comfort zone and get independent

and more self-secure

  • Get to know people from all over the world and share

your experience

Internship abroad doesn’t exclude travelling. Go for weekend

trips and experience different food, people, country sides.

There is no way, you’ll not benefit from an internship abroad.

So, ‘Go For It”!dilan1

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