Intern News 5 – Advise for Interns in CA

5 things you should prep when coming to the bay area?

– bring a good mood 

– do not forget a wind jacket in San Francisco, weather changes sometimes really fast in SF

– prepare your visa without it will be hard to enjoy all the good things here

– get mentally prepared for the Californian lifestyle

– do not plan everything, sometimes just go with the flow

Where to live?

San Francisco is a great place to live for younger people between 21-30. You just need to step out the door and you find life. It’s it really interesting how different Subcultures can develop in a city like this. For example you have Chinatown, Japan town, the Mission district with a Mexican touch and a lot others. That is what makes San Francisco really interesting to live in. Long story short, it is a melting pot with many cool and funny people and all of them have their own exciting stories to tell.

Ways to save money?

It is California if you want to save money you are probably in the wrong place. Life in San Francisco and the bay area is really expensive so you must be sure to have some funds on the side. One advise I can give, prepare your own food for the most of the time, that saves you a lil bit.

5 things you must see as an intern!

I can recommend many things. California is big state and there is so much to do and lot things to discover. stuff that I liked the most: 

– Surfing in San Diego

– Hiking in Yosemite National Park

– Visiting Alcatraz

– Hiking in Sequoia National Park

– Wine Tasting in Napa 

5 coolest things you learned while with Sunstall!

– I got an introduction into an intercultural working environment. That provides me new views on various working perspectives.

– I learned how to stay more organized

– I developed new skills in the field of project management

– Furthermore I collected specific and helpfull knowledge in the field of renewable energies

– I got an impression how it works in  smaller companies 

 Thank you All for the good time I had! 

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