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Oregon Solar Highway

PGE and ODOT Commemorate the Solar Highway Milestone

October 26 2011 – Aurora Oregon; Representatives from Portland General Electric, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Five Stars International and Contractors working on the Solar Highway 1.745 Megawatt project joined Advanced Energy Systems and Sunstall Inc. at the construction site today to mark the milestone surrounding the beginning of the Solar World module installation. With the final post driven in the six acre site, and over 50% of the Haticon Racking assembled it was time to start mounting the 250 watt solar panels. Assisting in unpacking the first module was the project brainchild, Allison Hamilton of ODOT. Other notables from ODOT were Lynn Aveberck, and Lynn Frank of Five Stars International. PGE representatives included Mark Osborne, Dawn Wilde, and Robert Ferraro.

When completed, the project will provide enough electricity to offset the use of both the North and Southbound rest areas at the project location, approximately 15 miles South of Portland Oregon on Interstate 5. As the primary Solar Contractor on the project, Advanced Energy Systems teamed up with SunStall Corporation for the racking installation, and Christensen Electric of Portland for the primary electrical installation.

As of October 20th, the Oregon Solar Highway project was in high gear. Favorable weather has allowed the post installation to move at a rapid pace. Racking assembly has begun as the preliminary electrical infrastructure is back filled. The image below shows the state of construction on October 18th, 2011.

1.75MW Oregon Solar Highway Project by Advanced Energy Systems.

Current electrical work is being performed by Christensen Electric of Portland, Oregon. Specialized pile driving equipment from Sunstall is being used to drive the Sigma posts and install the Haticonracking system which will support the installation of nearly 7,000 SolarWorld 250 watt modules. Installation of the PV Powered 260kWinverters is also in progress. Project commissioning is slated for January 2012.Allison Hamilton and Lynn Frank

Craig Strobeck (Advanced Energy Systems) and Helge Biernath of Sunstall

The project is being built on land owned by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) with the project owner being Portland General Electric (PGE). General contract or is Adland Evans Constructors of Portland, with the complete design and solar scope being coordinated by Advanced Energy Systems, LLC., of Eugene.

  Robert Ferraro of PGE

                                                                                                                                             Allison Hamilton of ODOT unpacks the first module.   

                                                                                                                                                         Alex Soo from Addland Evans Constructers                                  with Allison Hamilton and Lynn Aaverback (ODOT)                                                                                                          


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