Mounting Systems – the base of solar power

A recent survey performed by Photon USA Corp. reveals an increasing number of mounting system manufacturer in the U.S. market. This is not a surprise taking into account that the market has grown by 25 percent and more since 2010. Today installers can choose from no fewer than 262 products manufactured by 56 companies.

Keep it Simple 

The general perception is that mounting systems are cheap and simple and that prices always have to go down. The truth is that prices depend on the spot market for commodities like aluminum and steel and these markets have been very volatile for the last few years. Especially the last months have shown that prices tend to go up rather than down.

By focusing too much on material costs project developers have underestimated the impact of the labor factor in the overall costs of a mounting system. Some manufacturers have re conceptualized their systems to reduce the amount of material needed as well as the time to install the system.

Industry overview

In our upcoming posts we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of steel versus aluminum, pile driving systems versus concrete foundations and who is offering what type of mounting system.

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